Mentawai Dreams…

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This Time Last year… If you haven’t been to the Mentawais I highly suggest selling whatever prize possession or body part you can live without, book your ticket and never look back. Everything you’ve seen in the magazines, videos and websites is all that and then some. After 30+ hours travel time from the US, the first time you see Lances Right or Macaronis or Kanduis in their full glory will truly blow your mind. Eleven days perfect waves is never enough. Book your trip… and hire the photog!!!
Rifles- Day 1
Rags Left- Rezzy
Thunders Tube
Thunders Gash
Forecasts showed NO SWELL!


Mini Simmons Part 3: Hot Coats, Leash Plugs, Final Sanding

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Special thanks to Tara and Morgan at crumpler for the space, dkb at e3mc for the guidance, swaylocks, matt, al and mai.
Let’s get these suckers in the water and never glass again!

Rails taped and ready to hot coat

Dave from e3mc applying hot coat

waiting for hot coat to dry

Routing leash plug

Mini Simmons Part 2: Paint, Glassing, Fin Placement

April 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Water based tempera paint
Laying the cloth
Glass on zebra wood hand foiled keel fins set 6″ of stringer
Glassed board ready for sanding and hot coat!

Mental Note: don’t wear clothes you care about, prepare to itch and expect to donate a few brain cells from fume and dust inhalation…

Mini Simmons Part 2: Shaping and Foiling Fins

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We found a nice piece of zebra wood for the fins
clamp the fins together and sand the tops to match the outlines and smooth out irregularities
Foil the fins- in this case keel fins for a mini simmons
Mental note! use much softer wood next time!!!

Mini Simmons Project- Part 1: Mowing Foam

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Classic Mini Simmons template- no modern wanna-be

Don’t dig too deep with the planer

I hear John Carper, Al Merrick, Rusty Piersendorfer etc… can even do most of the rails with a planer. I used the sure-form, sandpaper and mesh cloth combo to be safe.

Completed 5’4″ x 22 x 2 3/8 blank

Next up Part 2: Shaping the Fins

Mini Simmons Project…

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Those That Think They Can Ride Waves Are The Ones That Do….

Wall Street Is Occuppied…

Eardrum Is Ruptured…

Time For The Next Project…

I Will Be Shaping My First Surboard

Mini Simmons Inspired…

Pure Fun…

Master Plan…

Thanks In Advance To Youtube And The Many Talented Professional And Backyard Shapers That Create The Art We Ride…

More Coming Soon…

hopefully It Works Like This…



Off The Grid…

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No phone or internet. No bills or responsibility… Just surf, eat, sleep. Utopia… where it’s always overhead, hollow and offshore. Go search… there’s so much out there to find.

Only 40 hours travel time from the continental US and you too can wake up to this lovely view...

Flexing!!! Almost too pretty to surf! Yeah right!

In case you goofy footers were wondering... Yes they make that in a left as well.

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